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Our Fully dedicated mobile line boring trailer is setup with top line equipment, precision and reliability so you know you are getting the best service with a trade qualified fitter machinist with 10 years in the industry including quarry's, mining, gas, earthmoving and agricultural.

Why choose us?

AEL is setting the benchmark for line boring quality work, our interstate experience has aloud us to put together the best methods and procedures from around the world to ensure longevity of machine/component life.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance system works! Each job comes with its own report that is documented and sent to our client, all the information you need to know about the job we did for you is in this package signed off by both parties.

Competitive pricing

AEL offers a competitive pricing solution for each specific client to suit your individual needs, no matter where your location or how big of a job, we can negotiate a price that can meet your expectations every time.


     Our capabilities are -

  • Mine spec vehicle and trailer
  • Line boring 40mm - 500mm
  • ID welding 40mm - 900mm
  • OD welding (reclaiming shafts/pins or harden surfaces)
  • Pad welding/ auto face welding 
  • Facing - 300mm diameter
  • Cir-clip cutting
  • Installation of bushes (liquid nitrogen)
  • LPG preheating